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Save time by automating your day to day tasks.

Automated task creation is now available on SingleOps, which can save your team a ton of time! Automatically schedule the next step for your leads, estimates, and jobs. A great use case is for automatically creating a task to do an on-site estimate for client upon entering a lead.

To turn this feature on go to the admin menu > account settings > Jobs. At the bottom of the job settings page there are three settings relating to job creation.


The first option allows you to decide whether of not you want the task to create automatically. If “yes” is selected then at the bottom of your “Create a Lead” form the task will automatically be created. The default job task name option allows you to create a default task name for all tasks created. Lastly you have the option to make all tasks be on site or not. After changing the options to your preference you can see the effects on the “Create a Lead” page.


Note: the fields will be filled with your default settings but can always be changed at the actual lead creation page.

If you have any questions on how to turn on or use this new feature please contact your account manager or

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