Using SingleOps on iPad at a Client's Property

SingleOps is another vital piece of equipment for your business

Integrate your sales, back office, and field workforce with one system

Explore how SingleOps can improve these areas of your business:

Increase sales

Stay organized


Increase sales


Client Relationship Management like none other. Keep track of customer leads, calls, emails, proposals, jobs, etc. all in one centralized and easily searchable profile.


Our estimating platform is designed to make small one off jobs a breeze while also providing all the tools you need for large complex contracts (labor and material budgets, production rates, pricing schedules, etc.)


Design beautiful and one-of-a-kind dynamic proposals with a feature packed editor, or use one of our pre-built templates. Include photos, maps, detailed terms, certificate of insurance… whatever you can think of to strengthen your brand and get the sale.

Invoicing and Payments

Both one off invoices and automated invoice schedules with the ability to handle all kinds of complex variables. Run your entire accounts receivable through SingleOps, including credit card integrations and payment automations.


Integrated email and text messaging allows you to easily send batches of proposals, renewals, job updates, surveys, internal team communication, transactional marketing, and so much more.

Job-site Mapping

Drop pins, take measurements, and record notes to better communicate outdoor service assets to your clients and your crews.

Stay organized

Flexible Scheduling

Intuitive drag & drop interface with multiple calendar views, map views, one click dispatching, and intelligent scheduling logic.

Job Management

A one-stop shop for your team to coordinate and collaborate on all of your jobs, along with batch actions to improve efficiency. Nothing slips through the cracks with our Job Management Platform.

Purchase Orders

Track any job related purchase or expense, and cut down on paperwork as our PO’s integrate with job costing, inventory, and vendor management.


Keep track of all the materials, chemicals, and equipment used by your business. Automatically manage current stock, cost, and forecasting.

Job Costing

Compare estimated labor, materials, and margin with real-time job profitability. Dynamic reports show crew profitability and productivity, estimator accuracy, and many other reports to analyze and understand your profitability.

Custom Reports

Is there a unique report you need for your business? Or maybe a live dashboard you’ve been dreaming of? Our custom report and dashboard capabilities are second to none.


Mobile Accessibility

Use the SingleOps App on any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. Our technology is device agnostic, so it will work beautifully on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Microsoft Surface, anything!

Work Orders

Digital Work Orders provide the information your crews need to stay on task and execute. And if your crews aren’t using mobile devices then SingleOps makes it a breeze to batch print or email Work Orders and Route Sheets.


An incredibly easy to use digital Timesheet empowers crews and admin staff to track labor hours and materials for seamless integration with payroll, job costing, and productivity reporting.

Route Planning & Optimization

Design and optimize routes based on distance between visits, estimated labor per visit, and average visit time.

Job Forms

Add custom fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, dates, and more to design job forms for your team in the field. OSHA Job Hazard Analysis is just one of many great uses for our custom job forms.

Payroll Exports

When using our Timesheets feature you can export your payroll information to a variety of supported payroll programs. No more duplicate data entry!