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Pink Callers’ CEO Brings a Stone Cold Hustle to Office Work in the Green Industry

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In our debut episode of Green Industry Perspectives, Sean Adams sits down with Michelle Myers of Pink Callers.

Michelle is a self-proclaimed “Stone Cold Hustler”, and after listening to this episode, you’ll see how her resume, business acumen, and persona validate that proclamation. 

Her journey with the industry began during the 2008 recession when she found work as an office manager at a local tree care company being tasked with taking calls, scheduling crews, and filing paperwork because the owners were tired of being in the office, and desired to be out in the field, climbing in the trees. 

On the job, Michelle quickly realized that her work could be scaled. 

What started as a way for Michelle to take care of her family during an economic downturn, quickly grew into a business due to a need for admin support in the green industry.

Pink Callers now supports green industry professionals across the country by allowing them to stay out in the field or in the trees doing the fun stuff while Pink Callers supports their ability to answer the phones, take in requests for estimates, schedule their crews, and own the tedious office work.

So we asked Michelle all about the importance of communicating with customers and prospects, how they’ve created a sales flywheel by creatively scheduling a service area, and how the best tree care and landscape companies are staying ahead of the game during COVID-19.

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Michelle went from scouring craigslist for work, to becoming the CEO of a company that provides Admin support to green industry pros across the country.
  • Why your company should always be answering the phone.
  • How to schedule out your estimators and crews in a way that allows you to own your service area.
  • The importance of “replacing yourself” while scaling your business.
  • The tech stack that has allowed PinkCallers to go to the next level.

What to listen for:

  • [0:35] The top three things successful companies are doing.
  • [9:05] Why you should be answering your phone.
  • [19:01] Harnessing Referrals
  • [21:55] Rethinking how you schedule out your service area
  • [25:21] Delegating Tasks in your business
  • [28:14] Charging for your experience
  • [31:30] A company that goes above and beyond
  • [35:00] Where to start with technology
  • [40:05] How to get started with Pink Callers

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