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Snyder Tree Service

Our business transitioned from another software company to SingleOps about 2 years ago. SingleOps has made my job as Office Manager so much easier. I use the Calendar feature every day to keep on task with the crew in the field. Having the crew be able to clock in and out each day is extremely helpful to me (we used to use paper timesheets), and the reports are so handy to issue timesheets to the crew as well as making a report to send to our accountant for payroll. Processing payments, making schedule changes, assigning tasks and jobs, making job changes are all so easy! No program is perfect, but SingleOps comes pretty close. In addition to all of those benefits, the customer service representatives are exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. I cannot remember the names of all of the people from SingleOps that have helped us along the way, except for John and Ryan (because I just talked to them both recently), but I no longer dread calling to ask for explanations about things or to get help like I did with our last computer program. Even if I’m making a silly mistake or am just having a bad memory, they both have kindly and eagerly helped me understand how the program works and how to do what I need to do. SingleOps hires excellent people who are knowledgeable in our field, and that is an added bonus to those of us who enjoy using SingleOps. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Anita Briner
Office Manager
Snyder Tree Service
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