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The Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Landscape Management Software





Why cloud-based?

Cloud-based business management software are CRM applications that allow you to manage your business anywhere, anytime, with less hassle and cost than traditional on-premise versions. Cloud SaaS (software-as-a-service) products give small and medium lawn care and landscape businesses the ability to be agile and compete with larger companies that often have proprietary CRMs. 

Cloud-based vs On-Premise?

Here are the main differences between cloud-based and on-premise (traditional) software. Cloud based software is hosted by a third party provider, which is accessed virtually on your company’s devices, but nothing is stored on your physical hard drive. On-premise software is software that is hosted by you, which requires your company to maintain and secure your own servers. On-premise software usually isn’t feasible for most small to medium businesses because of the cost and labor associated with it.

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Benefits of a cloud-based landscape management software

Low Cost

Cloud-based apps cost much less upfront than traditional software. Small and medium landscape businesses don’t have the same amount of capital as large enterprises do to spend on software. Cloud software can help close this gap by providing quality industry software at the fraction of the cost of an enterprise system. Additionally, with the low cost and increases in efficiency, cloud software ends up being a long-term investment.

Accessible on any device, anytime

In the past, using traditional on-premise software meant that in order for employees to access the software they would need to be in the building during office hours. Cloud-based software gives landscapers and lawn care professionals access at any time, on any device, in any location. This allows data to be accessed by multiple users simultaneously, out in the field and in the office. The cloud allows you to harness the power of your sales team, estimators, and office administrators. Not only will their work become more flexible, but the speed of business will increase, creating more sales opportunities.

Maintenance is handled by provider

Because all installation and maintenance issues are handled with the help of your software provider, cloud software puts less strain on your company than traditional software. You save money because you don’t have to hire or rely on an on-site IT team. If you have any technical issues at any point during implementation or during usage they can be resolved quickly by the software providers team. This leads to less stress for you and your team knowing that you’re supported by a dedicated team of product specialists.


Cloud-based software is a no-brainer solution to every small and medium sized landscape company’s biggest question, “How do we compete with the big guy?” You might not have the capital, crew size, or connections that a large company has, but developments in software have helped level the playing field and increase your chances of success. You should use every tool at your disposal to increase the efficiency of your company while increasing your ability to compete in the marketplace.

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