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The Future of your Plant Health Care Operation is Here

In recent years, plant health care, otherwise known as PHC, has become a focus for green industry specialists across the nation. The conservation efforts are a testament to emphasizing the environment and its ever-growing fragileness. For some tree and lawn care companies, plant health care operations have already begun, but for many they have not. This leaves the playing field wide open for companies to turn one-off tree or lawn service jobs into recurring PHC visits that forge lifelong customer relationships.

Plant health care can encompass anti-pest and rot treatment, fertilization, and much more to ensure that healthy plants live as long as they can. In the case of an unhealthy plant, a PHC specialist can identify and remedy a problem and potentially save it from dying. For worst case scenarios, a specialist can offer consulting on how the plant should be carefully removed.


Optimizing your PHC Program

Plant health care is beneficial to almost every property, but some customers may not understand the extent of which it can enhance their landscape. Implementing these PHC programs can add value to your entire business and have a lasting impact on the beauty of every job you complete. 

To optimize your PHC program, make use of SingleOps’ mobile estimator while surveying a client’s property. You can enter exact pricing and item details regarding the materials and labor required to complete the job. It also allows you to highlight the specific problems with the property’s features. For example, if your specialist noticed the presence of Japanese beetles in a client’s yard, they can detail out the treatment needed without ever going back to the office.

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Maintain your Hard Work with Recurring Jobs for PHC

You can create a proposal to be a recurring job if you have a customer interested in a multi-visit program. This adds much more value for your customer as periodic care is much more effective than one round of treatment. To do so, when creating a proposal simply select the “recurring” button. From there you can set up the number of visits weekly or monthly basis. These jobs will automatically import into your schedule to eliminate the hassle of searching through all of your clients to figure out who has a recurring job on any given week. 

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Batch Renew all of your Recurring PHC Jobs

Many clients will want to renew their PHC contract if it is proven to amplify the beauty of their property. SingleOps allows you to do this with ease using our batch renew recurring jobs feature. You can find this under the job tab and simply select which jobs you want to renew for a given date range. Once you do this they will automatically be imported back into the schedule.

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When you batch renew your jobs you can also send out a proposal reminder to make sure your clients know exactly what they are renewing. This also gives them the ability to request a change to the services you were previously providing and eliminates any last minute confusion.

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SingleOps wants your business to develop lifelong customer relationships with every job you complete. Your PHC operations will keep customers coming back for more and recurring jobs will make sure you never miss a beat. 


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