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The Key to Success for Arborists: Implementing a Digital Workflow

Efficiency and professionalism are crucial for success in the tree care industry. Transitioning to smarter digital workflows is important for updating business operations and staying competitive in today’s market. Modern software solutions and expert support can help tree care companies streamline operations, enhance productivity, and achieve sustainable growth.

Why Update Business Operations?

  • Improve Client Satisfaction: Delivering prompt and accurate services improves client trust and loyalty.
  • Enhance Employee Experience: Reducing manual tasks allows employees to focus on more valuable and engaging work, increasing job satisfaction and project completion.
  • Boost Financial Performance: Efficient operations lead to cost savings and higher profitability, positioning the business for long-term success.
  • Stay Competitive: Keeping up with industry standards and leveraging technology ensures you don’t fall behind competitors who are adopting new tools and methods.

By embracing these changes, businesses can ensure smoother transitions and greater confidence in their new workflows.

Confidence in Change Management

Change management is fundamental for businesses switching to new technologies and workflows. It involves guiding a business through transitions smoothly and efficiently to minimize problems. Having a team of experts to support you every step of the way allows for confidence in embracing these changes.


  • Smooth Transitions: Minimize issues during changes.

Building Professional Proposals

Creating detailed, customizable proposals for one-off, recurring, and multi-service jobs in the field or at the office ensures that businesses can respond promptly to client needs. This flexibility enhances service delivery and client satisfaction.


  • Efficiency: Quick proposal generation due to built-in templates.
  • Customization: Tailored proposals for different job types.
  • Higher Close Rates: Improved follow-up processes for quick project scheduling.

Customer Feedback: “When we put out 30 to 50 proposals a week, it takes time to write personal emails, but using that auto follow-up helps us close deals. We’re closing 50% more of our proposals than before and currently closing nearly 80% of proposals.”
Read the case study

Automated Work Order Generation

Automating the creation of digital work orders when proposals are accepted can significantly help operational efficiency. These work orders include internal crew notes and are accessible on mobile devices, ensuring crews have all the necessary information on-site. This automation reduces administrative workload and minimizes errors.


  • Reduced Office Work: Say goodbye to physical paperwork and manual data entry, lightening your workload and boosting efficiency.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Work orders are at your fingertips, accessible on mobile devices, giving you the power to manage your operations from anywhere.

Invoicing and Checkout

Automating the invoicing and payment process simplifies financial transactions, reduces errors, and speeds up payment collection. This feature ensures clients receive professional invoices promptly and can make payments easily, improving cash flow and client satisfaction.


  • Efficiency and Professionalism: Create branded, professional invoices with fast and accurate generation.
  • Convenience: Easy payment options for clients.

Customer Feedback: “SingleOps allowed us to organize ourselves so that I didn’t lose an entire day of my life every week invoicing. Before, I would have to sit down and regurgitate everything a second or third time. Hours and hours and hours on a Sunday. And there was a high probability someone didn’t hand in their paperwork. We had a huge year last year (biggest ever). We did 35% more than usual. There was a growth pattern there because of SingleOps.”
Read the case study

Scheduling and Flexibility in Learning

Every tree care business has unique schedules and learning needs. Offering flexible learning options, such as 1:1 live Zoom meetings at convenient times or complete online resources for self-paced learning, effectively accommodates these needs.


  • Customized Training: Tailored to fit your business’s schedules.
  • Convenience: Options for live or self-paced learning.
  • Increased Adoption: Helps staff integrate new tools seamlessly.

Quick Issue Resolution

Transitioning to a digital workflow can present various challenges. To address these challenges promptly, a quick issue resolution process is essential. A dedicated support team ready to assist makes sure problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.


The onboarding process is key for a smooth transition to a digital workflow. Assigning an expert onboarding specialist to each client provides personalized guidance and support, ensuring businesses are fully equipped to use the new system. This personalized approach ensures that the system is tailored to the specific needs of each business, thereby enhancing its effectiveness.

Customer Story: Texas Tree Transformations, a leading tree service company in Dallas, Texas, transformed their business operations by switching from QuickBooks to SingleOps. Struggling with organization and efficiency, they found SingleOps at the TCI Expo and quickly implemented it within a week. The results were impressive: they save hours daily, generate proposals quickly and easily, and 95% of clients use the convenient online payment option. Owner Kyle Cox highly recommends SingleOps, rating it a perfect ten for its time-saving and organizational benefits.

Customer Success

A customer success team helps businesses maximize the use of their digital workflow solutions. Composed of former green industry professionals, this team provides ongoing support, ensuring businesses achieve their goals and continuously improve operations.


  • Industry Knowledge: Insights from experienced professionals.
  • Ongoing Support: Ongoing help to meet business goals.
  • Strategic Guidance: Helps businesses expand and improve services.

Customer Support

Thorough customer support services ensure that businesses always have access to the help they need. An accessible and knowledgeable support team can make a significant difference in tree care businesses’ day-to-day operations.


  • Accessibility: Easy access to support services.
  • Operational Continuity: Ensures smooth daily operations.

“Singleops is an awesome program. I switched to them in January of 2021. It has improved my process and customer relations 10fold, and I’m able to expand my operations. The staff and customer support is second to none.

John Madden, General Manager/Owner, ECO Tree Care

Success Center

An online Success Center with 24/7 access to a wide range of resources can be helpful for businesses looking to enhance their digital workflow.

Tips for Utilizing the Success Center:

  • Regularly Explore New Materials: Stay updated with the latest training and resources.
  • Use the Resource Library: Troubleshoot issues and find best practices.

Time to Make Your Business Run Smoother

Adopting a better digital workflow offers numerous benefits, from automated work order generation to flexible learning options and excellent support services. By embracing these tools, tree care businesses can achieve greater efficiency, professionalism, and revenue. Explore how an industry-specific solution can help your business transition from pen and paper to more streamlined and effective workflows.

About SingleOps

SingleOps offers a powerful business management solution tailored to meet the unique needs of the green industry. Our software integrates functions like job scheduling, invoicing, reporting, and customer management into a single, user-friendly platform. With a track record of managing over $1.5 billion in transactions for more than 2,000 businesses, SingleOps is proven to enhance operational efficiency and profitability. Our platform not only streamlines business processes but also provides actionable insights to drive growth.

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