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Best Practices: Data Tracking

 With the start of a new quarter coming up and the busy season well on its way, a high quality data tracking process is of the utmost importance. Data is the name of the game when it comes to running a successful business. From tracking your profitability to improving your inventory tracking process it all factors into the health of your business. By knowing exactly what is going on inside your business you can do a better job of issue spotting and adapting to solve said problems. So where do you start with a task as daunting as this? It’s surprisingly easy, below are a few best practices for making sure you stay on top of your numbers.

  1. Review your process’ from last year. By doing this you can find where your data tracking fell short, information you missed, as well as finding a good model from areas you tracked well. You need to find out the process that works best for YOU. 
  2. Find the numbers you NEED to know. Sit down and have a brainstorm session on the information you want to track. It is crucial that you know what you need to track from the start in order to have accurate numbers. 
  3. Move away from spread sheets, move towards automation. With spread sheets there is room for human error and missed numbers. The best way to avoid this is by implementing a software that can integrate all areas of your business. This will save you tons of time and allow you to see everything you want with the click of a button. Check out how our configurable reports feature can help you stay on top of your numbers.

  4. Continuous improvement. As the business environment changes it requires you to change as well. Make sure you review this every quarter to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


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