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Tips for Better Communication with Clients

Communication is essential to the success of any business. It is the very connection between your company and the client. In the green industry, communication is a major part of operation. However, the power of communication is taken for granted, so many times customer relationships are put on the back burner. Here are some good practices to keep in mind to improve communication with clients.

Treat it Like a Relationship. The key to winning the loyalty and trust of a client is to treat them like more than a client. Treat any prospective or current client like a relationship or partnership, something that is important to you and will build over time rather than a static business deal. Many times conflict is onset by a lack of communication or understanding. When you build a strong relationship with clients it is easier to discuss issues and how to resolve them.

Establish Human Connection. No one likes to feel like they are talking with a Robot. Automated emails and SMS messages are a great way to communicate day to day but can feel impersonal. It should be made clear to the client that a human is on the other end.When first talking with a potential client, it is great to go meet them in person if possible. If not, talking on the phone is the next best thing to give clients a feel for who you are. Even leaving a small personal note at the end of an email or in a job report lets the client know you are a human who cares about their best interests.

Create a Standard for Communication. Another good strategy for improved client relationships is creating company-wide standards for communication. For example, you may always send a client a personalized note while a job is being completed to give them an update. Or you always send an estimate email within 24 hours of a meeting.This will not only eliminate guesswork among the company on how to communicate with clients,but it will create a standard of service for customers. Clients value consistency and promptness when it comes to communication.

Use correct language. There are a few tricks to using language to improve communication. One way is to use words that match your brand image. For example using words like “consistent” and “dependable” display trust and reliability. Additionally “We language” is a great way to strengthen the feeling of a relationship. Saying “I” too much comes across as talking about yourself. Using “you” makes the client feel like they are being put on the spot. Language is so expansive that the possibilities really are endless. There’s plenty of studies online about how different language can resonate with your audience. Find certain phrases and words that work well for your company and use them consistently.

Proofread. This may seem like a silly tip but you would be surprised how easy it is to mess up an email without re-reading it. You are not just proofreading for grammatical errors but for proper word choice and tone. Errors in emails and text messages come across as unprofessional. Build a reputation for error-free written communication. Customers will notice.

Try CRM Software. CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a tool to better serve customers. It is essentially an organized and streamlined way of sending,handling,recalling communications and  interactions with clients with clients.Inside a CRM software, all your contacts names and profiles would be synced inside the app. You could see their contact information,address,previous jobs,and specific notes on the client all within the app. From there you could send out personalized or batch emails and SMS from the app. All communication would be saved inside the app for easy organization and recall.

Looking for a CRM software to help you better serve your clients? SingleOps is an all encompassing cloud-based software that has industry leading CRM and more. Interested? Book a free demo today.

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