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Track Your Business With Configurable Reports

Configurable reports is now available on SingleOps! Our team is excited for y’all to take advantage of this great feature – so what exactly does “configurable reports” actually mean? Let me fill you in:

SingleOps offers dozens of reports with tons of great information. But there is such thing as too much information and that can make things a little difficult to look at and analyze. We have just added a great way for you to configure your reports so that you get the information you want the way you want it. With this you also have the ability to prepare specific reports for either clients or different members of your team depending on their needs.

Let’s take your open invoices page as an example. Currently there are 10 different options for data in the report and you might not need them all. Notice the button in the top left corner of your page titled “Columns”? When clicked you will see a drop down of all the different types of information displayed. All you have to do is click the items you don’t want displayed to take them off the report. Decide you want that column back? All you have to do is click the name from the drop down again and it’s back!

configurable reports.gif

Another great option you have is to drag and drop report columns. All you have to do is click and hold on the column title in the report and drag it into the order you want.

If you want to apply this new table format for all users on your SingleOps account, just click “Save for All Users” and the change will be applied to everyone by default.

Now that we’ve released this feature it is much easier for us to add data to any of our reports based on your requests. Please let us know if there’s some data element that’s not currently available on a report that your team would like to see. Our next step with this project is to apply this new configurable report framework to the job management sections, which is probably our #1 user request at the moment. So stay tuned!

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