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Track your inventory the right way by using unit of measure.

SingleOps now allows you to create units of measure for your sales items! Units of Measure can help improve your estimates, pricing, presentation to clients, and even internal reports. When your adding inventory to an estimate its very confusing to just look at quantity without knowing what exactly that quantity is. By adding a unit to your items you are now able to track your inventory exactly how you want. This will reduce mistakes on the job and allow for much more accurate estimating.

Unit of measure.png

How do I track my inventory this way?

You can find this option by entering the admin settings menu > item > Units of Measure. That page will show you all of the current units of measure associated with your account as well as an option to add new units of measure.

Once you select the “new unit of measure” button you will be redirected to a page that allows you to name the unit, give it an abbreviation (we recommend just a few characters), as well as a short description of that unit. Once the unit is created it can be assigned to items in the item section of your admin menu.

You can also create Units of Measure when you are creating a new item and you can then assign them to the item. If you’re creating a proposal or job and add that item then the unit of measure shows up next to quantity. The unit shows up next to the quantity wherever else you are looking at that job and depending on your settings it can show up on your PDF templates (proposal, work order, invoice, etc.)

Please let us know if you need any help using this new feature. Just contact your account manager or

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