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Position Yourself as a Trusted Advisor with Your Proposals

There are few things in business as important as when a proposal is opened. The customer can be anything from totally confused to completely blown away, and you know what happens from there.

What complicates many proposals, however, is that the client may not know exactly what they need to be done on their property.

They’ll call you asking for you to remove a tree from their property saying “my Cypress trees are turning brown, I think they’re dead and need to be removed.” 

In reality, they need you to prescribe a plant health care program to bring back the vibrancy to their tree. 

They contacted you because you are an expert, but they don’t quite understand the service they truly need well enough to make a decision. 

Enter options-based proposals. 

These enable you to suggest additional services to clients in a consultative manner while reducing back and forth between your office and the customer as they make a purchasing decision.

A couple of examples:

  • A client requested tree pruning, but you’ll be able to give them the option to enroll in a PHC program that keeps their trees healthy year-round.
  • A client requested weekly mowing services, and you can now give them an option to opt into lawn care treatments as well. 

Here’s how you can get started with Options Proposals and position yourself as more of a trusted advisor:

Article- How to use Options Proposals

Webinar- Options Proposals

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