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What We Learned at the First SingleOps Summit

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The last time SingleOps had a company event was October 9th, 2019. Back then, we only had 30 team members. Now in July 2021, we have almost doubled in size, and many of us had never met before this past weekend. So, to celebrate the start of Q3, the company organized the first SingleOps Summit. This event happened over five days and served as a way for everyone to celebrate and get to know each other. Employees from all across the country met up in Atlanta for the summit. Here are three takeaways on why employee events like this are more important than ever.

Events make you feel valued

Events are a great way to keep your employees motivated and engaged. Free food and drinks are always welcome. However, that alone isn’t what makes employees feel valued. What makes someone feel valued is the amount of time and careful planning that goes into an event. It’s not the amount of money spent or the amount of ‘free stuff.’ It’s the thoughtfulness and consideration that makes everyone feel appreciated.  

Learning from other departments is important

Most people only interact with their specific department at work. Company-wide events give people the chance to meet and learn from other sections of the company. Departments have their unique sub-culture, unique view of the company, and a different experience with products and customers. Events give people the chance to learn about the difficulties other teams face. Having new perspectives brought into a team can help them become more productive and thoughtful about other departments’ needs. Events help orient each departments towards a unifying goal.    

You feel connected

Employees who work remotely can sometimes feel disconnected from the rest of the company. Remote work has many benefits, but it needs to be supplemented with human interaction, so employees don’t feel isolated. Company-wide events can help re-establish company culture and unity by helping employees feel like they’re a part of a larger community. 

Developing relationships at a company is very important for growth and retention. It’s challenging to nurture work relationships in a remote environment. Hosting regular in-person events gives employees, old and new, the chance to develop rapport with each other. Employees who have a sense of place within a company are usually more productive and are happier at work.    

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