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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Your Entire Day on One Page In SingleOps

This post is an extension of the SingleOps Academy training module that you can find in the navigation menu of our app. We will be posting SingleOps Academy content regularly going forward to help customers optimize their use of SingleOps.   

Green industry professionals are always on the go, which is why convenient and easy access to client information is important while you’re on the road. This week we are highlighting the “My Day” feature on the SingleOps app. Our implementation team noticed that a lot of users are utilizing the calendar view of their day rather than this feature. While the calendar is extremely helpful in planning out your jobs in advance, it doesn’t have as many benefits as the My Day page, which displays everything you need on your daily route already.


Above is a screenshot of the SingleOps homepage from an iPad. Click on the circled green button to open the My Day page. 


Here is what My Day looks like on an iPad. The My Day page focuses on just the tasks for a specific user on a specific day. It’s perfect for your crew when they are out in the field and for sales representatives who are doing onsite estimates. This page features a map, the stops for the day, and an items list for the day. 

Map with routes: the map shows all of the visits that a user has scheduled for the day. This example only has one stop, but on a normal day when there are multiple, the map will show an optimized route for the entire day. If any detail of an appointment is changed in the calendar, like the time, the stops are automatically updated in My Day.

Item list: list contains all of the materials and equipment needed for the day. This makes it easy for your crews to know what they need to load based on their stops. Items are grouped by categories.

Stops: when you click on a stop, the drop down menu shows all of the client information for that appointment:


This includes the job name, client name, client contact information, start and stop times, and the address. You can click the phone number to call the client directly. This feature is beneficial for your crews because they can easily let their next client know that they’re on the way when they’re in the field. Within the drop down menu are action buttons:

  • Messages: clicking this button allows you to email or text clients directly from the My Day page. This button makes it very easy for your crew to send invoice emails to a client after a job is done.
  • More Info: clicking this will give you a fully functional contextual modal of the visit for the day.
  • Complete: click this button when you complete a job, which will take you to the visit completion page.
  • Work Order: when this button is clicked, a work order form will pop up in a new tab
  • More: clicking this will open a drop down menu where you can select any type of document related to the stop, if you have permission to view them. 

The My Day page is truly a one-stop-shop for your crew members and sales reps who are constantly on the go. Like all of SingleOps’ features, My Day is designed to save you time and keep you organized throughout your day. 

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