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Is QuickBooks Enough?

No matter the size of your green industry business, financial peace of mind means everything.

Many of you likely use Quickbooks to keep track of your financials. It’s an excellent tool for handling accounting, and we highly recommend using it, but we often hear it doesn’t do everything that a green industry business needs to thrive. 

One of our recent podcast guests, Kristine Crawford of North West Tree Huggers, put it best when she said, “Quickbooks helped us track invoices, but it did nothing to help us truly manage our customer experience.”

Tweaking Quickbooks for your operations is better than doing nothing, but there are a few questions you may need to answer before deciding if it’s the best way to run your business. 

Does QuickBooks allow you to build industry-specific proposals that not only provide pictures and a map of the work to be done while giving them optional services that show you are an advocate for their property? Does it let you know which proposals are accepted so that you can quickly get work put on your team’s schedule?

Does Quickbooks give you an easy and flexible way to get work scheduled and on your crew’s schedule?

Does Quickbooks give your crews all of the information they need to serve your clients well?

Does Quickbooks have reports that were built specifically for green industry business?

If you answered no to any of these questions- it’s time your team sat down to see the benefit of business management software built for the green industry.

SingleOps gives your green industry the business the tools it needs to operate efficiently, delight its customers, and run with accurate operational and financial data.

Quickbooks works seamlessly with SingleOps through our bidirectional sync. The whole idea is to work out of SingleOps and keep Quickbooks a simple Profits & Losses sheet. The simpler you can keep your accounting software, the easier tax season will be

P.S. The SingleOps help center has several resources that explain our sync with Quickbooks in depth. You can access those in the links below. 

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