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Green Industry Marketing: A Guide For Lawn, Tree, & Landscape Companies

“Marketing” and “advertising” are words that cause anxiety for many lawn care, tree care, and landscape business owners. As a result, most Green Industry pros view marketing as a necessary evil, something to tolerate rather than embrace.

I’m convinced that’s because many people don’t understand it. According to Forbes, many small businesses put off marketing because “…they have to trust a process they’re not familiar with.” It’s overwhelming and scary for a lot of owners, Presidents, CEOs, and managers. How do you know if you’re wasting your company’s money, or making sound decisions? This is guide is for you.

This is designed to help the Tree Care Professionals who are looking to get more customers.

The guide is built for the Landscape businesses that are losing out to their competition.

It’s a resource for Lawn Care professionals who need to differentiate themselves to scale their business.

I want you to be confident in your marketing decisions. It IS possible to get a handle on this. You can know what you’re doing and execute your marketing plan at a high level. Done correctly, advertising and marketing will help you hit growth targets you might not have thought possible.

The Guide to Green Industry Marketing

This Guide to Green Industry Marketing will help. It gives you the high-level ideas you need to create focus and keep it, generate amazing ads that work, plan out your marketing activities, and track the results.

Taking a Deeper Dive

There are also blogs that accompany each section of the guide, to give you a deeper understanding of each component.

  • Part 1: Who is my customer? – This will help you identify who you should be sending your ads to, preventing you from wasting your time or money. 
  • Part 2: Brand Awareness v. Lead Generation & Media Buying – In this blog, we discuss the difference between creating awareness and making the phone ring. You’ll also get tips on buying media like TV, radio, and billboard advertising. 
  • Part 3: Best Practices for Print Advertising – This post helps you create compelling print ads, direct mail postcards, and online display ads. 
  • Part 4: SEO and Email Marketing – We discuss what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means, questions you should ask your vendors, technical advice for improving your search rankings, and we wrap upt with best practices for email marketing. 
  • Part 5: Social Media and Paid Online Ads – Learn how to prioritize which social media platforms you spend time posting to, whether to pay for ads on those platforms, and other online ads (like Google Ads and Bing Ads). 
  • Part 6: Putting It All Together – In our last blog of this series, we show you how to plan out your marketing campaigns for the year. Learn to track and measure results and evaluate what worked. This allows you to plan for the following year. 

Here’s to Your Success!

This Green Industry Marketing Guide is FREE. It’s a resource that will help you keep things on track throughout the year.

Let us know if has helped you at all! You can reach out to us on LinkedIn or Facebook and tell us how it helped or ask questions.

You can also reach Jay Worth via LinkedIn.

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